2002 "Great place" Digital Route
2003 "We'll be back" Digital Route
2004 "Thanks for another wonderfull stay" Digital Route
2005 The Orange Dream Team


2003 "Many thanks for great hospitality" The Three Suedes
2004 "Thanks. Loved the apt. & Cannes" The Goldmann Sachs Team
2005 "This is something else" V.D.P. Holland
2006 "MIPIM in this techno loft, marvellous." Amber, Belgium
2007 "MIPIM 2007 and after?" Erik & Stefana
2008 "Spaghetti in this room – so cool. Thanks from Rome."


2001 "Simply fantastic" The Lord of the Rings Film Crew
2002 "Big smiles all round. Thanks for everything" Big Smile Pictures
2004 "I'm sinking this is great"
2005 "I'm not this well cared for in my own home. Counting the days 'til i can return" Dante
2006 "What a great place" Anonymous
2007 "Thanks for a wonderful visit" Ed & Kathi
2008 "You guys really know how to make us feel at home." George Hammond


2002 "More gold medals thanks to you & your loft" Leo Burnett
2003 "Thanks from the only man who slept with 3 women every night he was here. They had a lovely time as well." Leo Burnett
2004 "Another hyper groovy time had by all" Leo Burnett
2005 "Same again" Leo Burnett
2006 "The best place away from home. Thanks for everything + I'm the only woman who slept with men every night I was here. Of course we had a fab time." Leo Burnett
2007 "60 Earth hours. 2 Gold + 1 Titanium Lion Medals." Leo Burnett
2008 "Thanks for everything. We had a great time here. 1 Gold & 1 Bronze Lion Medal" Leo Burnett